TGIGF: Thank God It’s Good Friday

Many people roll into the weekend with the thought, “TGIF”. Thank God It’s Friday. I’m pretty sure that most of the time the emphasis is on Friday rather than on thanking God, but that’s another story. This Friday is unique. It is Good Friday.

Today is the day we are reminded of the one thing for which we should be most thankful. Give thanks that on this Friday we commemorate God giving his Son to die on our behalf.

We were enemies of God having declared war on the holy God by our sinful ways. Yet this same God sought us and made a way for a reconciliation. This way was through the death of Jesus.

Jesus, the perfect God-Man, was lifted up on a wooden cross. We look to this lifted Jesus on the cross and live. Look and live!

For if you see him as the sacrificial lamb without spot or blemish dying in your place, you will turn from your sinful ways and embrace him as your Lord and Savior.

While Jesus was enduring the wrath of God poured upon him, the Father in heaven turned to look away. This turning away resulted in darkness covering the earth for the three hours of midday torment.

God did not look because of his holiness, but we being sinful should fix our gaze upon the crucified one. Look and live!

This one who endured the full wrath of God in death was raised bodily from the grave three days later. He has conquered death and the grave. If we look upon him in his death, we will join him in resurrection. Death will have been defeated. Our graves will not hold us. We will rise one day to worship him forever.

Look and live! Thank God it’s Good Friday.