The Art of Remembering – Part 2

In the first installment of this series, I indicated that I would give this concept some practical expression. The first application has to do with God’s works in our life. It is highly recommended that the follower of Christ set aside time to remember what God has personally worked out in our lives. Will you call to mind how the Holy Spirit stirred your soul and brought you to faith? Will you recollect those mountain top experiences as you walked with him? Will you think about those times when you wanted to shout from the mountaintops?

To remember is not only a mental exercise. It also involves acting on behalf of those memories. Recalling God’s mighty actions in life should lead us to thanking God for working on our behalf. Recollecting that it is God who has mightily acted should lead us to praise God for who he is. Thinking about how great God is and has been to us should lead us to confession and repentance. These thoughts should then lead us to trust his provisions and his word. Then we should be moved to living life as one blessed by God.

Do you see all of the aspects of worship into which we are led?

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