The Opposite of "Amen"

Read here about the BBC report on the disruption of Bishop Gene Robinson’s sermon in a west London church this morning. Instead of hearing “amen” and being exhorted to “preach it”, Robinson heard “Heretic” and was exhorted to “repent, repent, repent.” Robinson is an openly gay U.S. bishop.

After the protester was escorted out, Robinson made an interesting comment,

This discussion of homosexuality we are having in the church is not so significant because of what it says about homosexuality, but of what it says about God.

When someone stands up and says that is an abomination, does that make you want to get to know God?

Here is the problem with that logic. Instead of evaluating man and his actions by the standard of God, the bishop evaluates God by man’s standards.

I’ve heard similar comments in church and in society. It usually goes something like this, “I wouldn’t want to know a God who …” However you finish the sentence, you have elevated your idea as an evaluator of who God is. Instead we should determine to learn what is revealed about God and evaluate our lives and our actions by this.