The Voice of the Forgiven

This blog site has a tag line which describes what it is about.  “Following Jesus, Psalm 51 style…”   In Psalm 51 David repents before God of his sin of adultery.  This Psalm is packed with tremendous truths that are intended to spur the fallen to flee to God.  God lifts up the fallen.

Without God we are like the lady in the famous commercial, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”  With God we can get up.  Once we are up, then what?   Psalm 51 tells us what will flow from our mouths.  What we will say.  What will be our voice.

1.  Then I will teach sinners your ways (Psalm 51:13)

In the earlier verses of the psalm, David grasps that he is a sinner.  He has failed and he has fallen.  Yet when God restores us, then the restored sinner teaches other sinners the ways of God.  We still have a voice.

It is a voice that echoes from up ahead on the path of forgiveness.  It can be heard by those who find themselves walking through dark valleys of the consequences of sin.  Yes, there is light ahead.  It is a path that leads to the Lord.

2.  My tongue will sing aloud of your righteousness (Psalm 51:14)

When we discover God’s forgiveness, we will sing.  Forgiveness stirs within us in a way that bursts forward in song.  It is a singing from the depths of our soul.  It is singing that is focused on God’s righteousness.  God was right to be harsh with us in our sins.  Jesus was right in his life and obedience to the Father.  His righteousness is then counted to us as righteousness when we flee to Christ.  How can we not sing?

In another Psalm, the dispersed people of God lament about how difficult it is to sing in a place other than where they should be.  We have an inability to sing with joy when we fall.  But once forgiven, we sing and we sing and we sing.

3.  My mouth will declare your praise (Psalm 51: 15)

This is the praise from a man that understands he has nothing to offer God.  His life seems worthless.  His gifts are futile.  How often do men attempt to barter with God?  The problem is that we have nothing of value with which to barter.  God does not need what tattered gifts we might offer.

We offer instead our praise.  In so doing, we acknowledge that it is God who has lifted us from the valleys of our sin.  He is the wonderful one.  He is the mighty one.  He is the one who makes the relationship work.  I wrecked it, but God restored it.

What about your voice?  Do you teach others what you have discovered about God?  Do you sing because of what God has done in you and for you?  Do you give the proper credit to God in the form of praise?

Do not be silent.  You have a voice.