5 Themes That Stood Out While Reading Through Proverbs

image for proverbs themes

Having finished reading through the book of Proverbs, certain themes stood out to me. Perhaps they stood out because they are dominant themes from the writer. Perhaps they stood out because these are areas in which God is teaching me. Perhaps they stood out because they related so well to the times in which we live.

Theme #1: Wisdom for Kings and Leaders

Theme #2: The Value of a Good Wife and the Lack of Value in a Troublesome Wife

Theme #3: Wisdom in Caring for Society’s Downtrodden

Theme #4: The Folly of Going the Way of the Adulteress and the Wisdom of Marital Love

Theme #5: Warnings against Things the Lord Considers Abominations

Many more themes exist as the Proverbs cover many aspects of life. The best way to read a section of the Proverbs is to begin by asking the Lord to apply his word to your mind and heart. This time of prayer could also be a time of asking the Lord for specific needs that you find in your life and in the lives of those for whom you are interceding. Then trust that He will speak to you the words that you need to hear.