Thumbs Up & Down: SBC 2010 – Day 1

It has been an interesting experience watching the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) on-line and engaging with other baptists on Twitter.  The only hitch was that the on-line feed went black at exactly 5pm.  Only problem was that the primary vote for this year happened between 5:05 and 5:10pm.

Much of the activity at the SBC makes me glad to be a part of this denomination.  Others things make me want to pull my hair out.  Now I don’t get riled by spirited debate.  That is part of being in a large democratic organization.  With any group that large, you will get some whacky statements and actions.  Instead of focusing on that, I am most interested in the statements of the body as a whole and of the leaders of the group.  So here are the things that I like.

1.  Approval of the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) report.  If curious you can go here to see the report (it has been slightly modified).  Hopefully, this will help the SBC be organizationally more functional towards what matters.

2.  I was pleased that the GCR Task Force toned down the rhetoric and acted much more diplomatically.

3.  I like that a new generation of SBC leaders are all about God’s glory and reaching our world for Christ.

4.  I am appreciative of the graciousness of President Johnny Hunt and team demonstrated when others might be tempted to smack a few folks.

5.  I am most thrilled that my heart has been stirred afresh for a global mission of reaching people from every tribe and nation.  Thanks to Jerry Rankin for his leadership at the International Mission Board.  He is retiring from that post.

Now, here are a few things that I did not like:

1.  Morris Chapman’s attempt to derail the GCR.  I don’t fault him for having a differing view.  I just don’t know what has happened to Chapman these past couple of years.  He seems so out of step with the denomination that he has been at the helm for 18 years (this is his last).

2.  I wish that opponents of the GCR proposal would have made arguments as to why they were opposed instead of trying to use methods to prevent a vote.

3.  What most frustrated me was the report of the ERLC (Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission).  The president of the ERLC is Richard Land.  I had Land preach in my pulpit when I was a pastor in the early 1990’s.  But Land sounds more like a pawn of the right wing of the Republican Party rather than a spokesman for biblical ethics and religious liberty.

I may not agree with the healthcare direction in our country.  But I know there are people who love Jesus who differ with me.  Why link ourselves with a political position that just isn’t the priority of biblical Christianity?  Land went even farther in his comments on U.S. immigration.  That’s not what I want my mission dollars being spent doing.

Now for some funny tweets:

JimmyScroggins: At biz @ SBC n Orlando. When the mics open, weirdos come out & the dumber the motion, the more Prez Hunt calls u “Dear brother.”

JimmyScroggins:  Morris Chapman is bashing the GCR & GCR task force @ SBC Orlando. Feels kind of like when your senile grandpa cusses u out

FakeJDGreear (Several):

Make no mistake. Every #GCR vote counts. And since we’re in FL, some of them count 4 or 5 times.

Humiliated. I was kicked off the @baptist21 panel because of my “old dude sellout suit.”

My book is better than @plattdavid’s, plus when you finish reading it you don’t have to sell your bass boat.

5ptsalt:  I love Al Mohler, but brethren, I do wish he would consider decaf

djword:  Southern Baptists resolve to expand their evangelistic reach by inviting Big 12 schools into the SBC

HannahBadgett:  I received a few strange looks when an “Amen” slipped out at work. Watching #sbc2010 live streaming.

jrbuchanan:  Morris Chapman is as out of touch as a homeschooler at the prom.

mattprivett: Where are the vuvuzelas when you need them?

DvdAlexandr:  Can we just skip to the world cup soccer game? Whose in charge of the big screen?

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