Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

Out Loud Thought #1 – If Suzie makes me have to see or listen to another Housewives of (insert city/county) show, then I am going to lock the TV onto the NFL channel.  I dislike most reality shows.  These are no exception.  Where is NOW when you need them.  These women are seriously setting back the cause of women.

Out Loud Thought #2 – I have been impressed with my Nashville friends.  They all seem to love their city and have rallied during the difficult days of the Nashville Flood.

Out Loud Thought #3 – I love that my friend, Tim Hight, now has his sermons available on iTunes.  If you want to hear passionate, biblical preaching search for Main Street Baptist Church on iTunes.  He is currently doing a series on 1 John called Get Real.  The sermon for this past Sunday is one you simply have to hear.  Tim will soon be doing a guest article on Pulpit 2 Pew.  Be looking for that.

Out Loud Thought #4 – Join with me in praying for my friend, Brian Vickers.  Brian teaches at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is currently in India teaching and doing evangelistic work.