Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

Like/Dislike Preachers

Todd Rhoades has been running a Twitter based poll on the speakers that people like and dislike.  It has been interesting watching the results of this unscientific but popular poll.  Others have already written about the wisdom of such a poll, but I have just a few observations.

The top 5 “liked” preachers are:

  1. Francis Chan
  2. Matt Chandler
  3. Tim Keller
  4. Andy Stanley
  5. Pete Wilson

The top 5 “disliked” preachers are:

  1. Mark Driscoll
  2. Andy Stanley
  3. Perry Noble
  4. Rob Bell
  5. Ed Young, Jr.

It is worth noting that Andy Stanley is on both top 5 lists.  Interesting.


My pastor, Adam Dooley, has been teaching through the book of Galatians on Wednesday evenings.  This past Sunday, we were at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville.  Guess what the pastor, Daniel Montgomery, was preaching on?  That’s right – Galatians.  It’s good stuff.  I need to be reminded to revel in the grace of God and avoid legalism.