Thursdays Are for Thinking Out Loud

This new feature, Thursdays are for Thinking Outloud, is my opportunity to share some snippets of things rolling around in my head.  That can be dangerous territory.  The inspiration for the title comes from former Depaul Ray Meyers.  During a basketball game, he was not particularly pleased with the fellow in the striped shirts.  So he asked the referee, “Can you give me a technical (foul) for what I’m thinking?”  The referee responded, “I guess not.”  To that, Meyer said, “I’m thinking that you’re doing a pretty lousy job.”  Meyer did get a technical for thinking out loud.

Out Loud Thought #1: I’m thinking that taking a male prostitute on a 10 day European trip either to carry your bags or for you to witness to him is not the wisest thing to do for a leading evangelical “expert” on homosexuality (i.e. George Rekers).  This is one of many responses you might get (warning – some may be offended by this clip):

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Out Loud Thought #2:  I’m thinking that lying…I mean, ministerially speaking…about your past is not a wise practice for preachers of the gospel.  Ergun Caner of Liberty University has apparently stretched or broken the truth in giving his testimony about being an Islamic Jihadist converted to a Christian preacher.  The university responds that this is not an ethical or moral issue and that they grant “theological leverage.”  Really???  Do you remember when Notre Dame lost a football coach before he ever coached a game for lying on his resume?

Out Loud Thought #3:  I’m thinking that it hasn’t been a good week for Focus on the Family ministries in Colorado.  Rekers (thought #1) is a founding member with James Dobson of the Family Research Council.  The radio show of Focus on the Family featured Caner (thought #2) and his testimony just a few days ago.

Out Loud Thought #4:  I’m thinking that evangelicals would often rather judge opponents in the cultural war than police themselves.

Out Loud Thought #5:  I’m thinking that I have been enriched this week in my morning readings of Leviticus, by reading Radical by David Platt, and by the biblical preaching of Adam Dooley at Red Bank Baptist Church in Chattanooga.

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