Timothy Keller – The Reason for God (Chapter 3)

The third chapter of Timothy Keller’s book is titled, Christianity Is a Straitjacket. According to Keller, Christianity is often viewed by contemporary observers as something that limits and restricts to the detriment of society and individuals. Specifically, it is viewed as a danger to civic freedom, as culturally narrow and as individually enslaving.

The thesis of this chapter is summed up in this paragraph

Christianity looks like an enemy of social cohesion, cultural adaptability, and even authentic personhood. However, this objection is based on mistakes about the nature of truth, community, Christianity, and of liberty itself.

Keller then exposes the fallacies of these arguments. In the end it is Christianity that frees us to understand truth, to express community and to really be free. “Disciplines and constraints, then, liberate us only when they fit with the reality of our nature and capacities.

Keller concludes the chapter with a great discussion of the freedom to love. That God has constrained himself for us out of his love for us. We find tremendous freedom when we respond by the constraints of love for God.

These chapters continue to deliver on truth. My appetite has aroused to read what lies in future chapters.