Tony Tyler

I received word of the death of Tony Tyler. I was Tony’s pastor in Little Rock, Arkansas. The news has brought back some wonderful memories and some deep reflections. When I first met Tony, his wife and 2 beautiful little girls were attending our church. Tony was running a liquor store down the street from the church.

One day he brought the girls to a picnic that our church was putting on. I remember Tony standing off to the side. He was rough in appearance with a Playboy necklace around his neck. As we began to talk, he was very polite and questioned me with his eyes.

Tony began showing up at church and hanging around. God worked his amazing grace in Tony’s heart. Tony was one of those men that his conversion seemed to change even the way he looked. He had found joy. He still had problems, but was excited to know a holy and gracious God.

I thank God for the opportunity to have been around Tony in those days. I’m grateful to Tony for his kinship.