Top Ten Christian Populations in the World and What That Means

The above chart was released today reporting the top 10 Christian populated countries.  Keep in mind that the only criteria for this report is that a person says they are a Christian.  It does not distinguish between those who practice and those who do not.  It does not attempt to define the term Christian.  With that in mind, it is still an insightful chart.

Here are my observations:

The Cost of Claiming Christianity

Almost 80% of Americans claim to be Christians while only 5% of the people of China claim the same.  It is worth noting that in the United States, most people have a heritage of Christianity.  Americans also have many societal expectations to claim Christianity.  In China this is not so.  Communistic atheism has been the norm for some time.  Most Christians have to break from family and societal expectations to be Christian.  They may even face persecution from the state and culture.

The Enormity of China

China has the 7th highest number of Christians in the world.  Yet only 5% of the population is Christian.  Christianity has been exploding in that country, but still has over a billion people who are not Christian.

The European Picture

Historically, Christianity has been embedded in the heart of western civilization.  Now only Germany ranks in the top 10 of nations in number of Christians.

Growth in Africa, Asia and Latin America

7 of the 10 countries on this list are from traditionally non-Christian cultures.  It has been amazing to see what God is doing in these regions of the world.

Target Praying

You might want to use this information to pray for the spread of the gospel in our world.

  1. Pray that the countries on this list will be represented by genuine believers.
  2. Pray for the continued spread of the gospel in areas that have seen explosive Christian growth after long periods of non-existent Christianity or that of nominal Christian past.
  3. Pray for those countries that formerly have had a strong Christian presence, but no longer do.