Treated Better By Atheists

A popular “evangelical” blogger decided to tackle the subject of the near sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham found in Genesis 22. This passage has long been Exhibit A for those who question the God of the Old Testament (as if He is different from the God of the New Testament) and question the divine inspiration of Scripture.

Her hand is revealed when she makes this statement,

How could I ever bring myself to worship a God who, if these accounts are true, ordained and derived glory from actions I believe are evil?

Do you see the problems here?

The very definition of God is that he is worthy of our worship. Any if statements puts the creature in the position of bearing judgement on the Creator.

She questions whether Genesis 22 can be true. The remainder of her article clearly implies that she does not think it is.

The final problem in her statement is that she ascribes evil to God.

In her article she smacks generations of God’s people in the face with this article. Not surprisingly some believers challenged her and her conclusions. In one Twitter exchange that was marked by sensible questions from those who hold to our orthodox faith, she lashed out at her critics. Remarkable since questioning what has been written is the basis for what her article is about. Here is what she said about the critiques,

All this glib condescension is getting old. At least atheists don’t call me names and treat me like crap.

First of all, the exchange does not reference any name calling or dung treatment. But appealing to preferential treatment by atheists doesn’t help her cause. Perhaps atheists delight in a so-called evangelical espousing the same things that they espouse. That should not be a badge of honor for a Christian.

***Here is my sermon on the passage in question, Genesis 22 – God’s Testing of Faith.