Update on Leah Dowdy’s Breast Cancer Battle

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for my daughter, Leah and her family.  Leah is my daughter who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  (You can read my initial account, My Daughter Has Breast Cancer.) We have all been amazed at the outpouring of prayer and support from so many people.  We are blessed to have so many dear friends.

Leah will soon undergo a double mastectomy and reconstruction followed by chemotherapy.  You might want to bookmark Leah’s journal for all updates.  Thanks to the folks at CaringBridge.org for making this possible.

Yesterday, I did a video chat with Leah and Caleb (her 4 year old son). Leah told me that she talked to Heath (her 8 year old son) about the changes that would taking place in their home.  She told him about the physical changes and the financial changes.  (Leah has been working as a nurse at the hospital where she will have surgery.)  Leah will not be working in the near future.  Heath responded by getting his piggy bank as a way of helping out financially.  He is such a wonderful little man.

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4 thoughts on “Update on Leah Dowdy’s Breast Cancer Battle

  1. We are praying for you Leah and your family.God Bless you.

    Love you,

    Rachel and Jerry (granny Dowdy’s sister).

  2. I carry Leah in my thoughts and prayers.

    Please, pray for my daughter Claudia, mother of 3 young children,
    battling recently diagnosed breast cancer. Pray we have the
    strength to cope with all this brings, for at the moment we are
    all distraught and so afraid.
    Louise Bellanti

    • Louise, I certainly will pray for your daughter Claudia. I know how I felt about my daughter. I also am praying for all of you. It certainly can be frightening, but God can do amazing things. I love how God exposed the love amongst our family.

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