Vertically Challenged


What are some of the basic challenges that people face in trying to establish or maintain a good relationship with God?  Dr. Jimmy Scroggins is identifying these challenges and explaining how to overcome them in a 4 part series.  This series is part of PowerLunch, the weekday professional luncheon at First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach.

The 4 challenges that Sroggins considers are framed as statements that people often make.  They are:

  1. “I’m Not Good Enough”
  2. “Church Stinks”
  3. “I Got Hurt”
  4. “Mad at God”

I’m Not Good Enough

Most people have a belief system that can be summarized with the following statement:

Good people go to heaven.

This belief system usually has the following tenets:

  1. There is a good God (goes by many names).
  2. He lives in a good place (many refer to that place as heaven).
  3. He’s not super strict, but He is keeping track of who is good and who is not.  Like a heavenly Santa Claus.  He is making a list.  Checking it twice.  Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice.
  4. Good people go to the good place when they die.
  5. When bad people die one of three things happens:
    1. They go to a bad place.
    2. They cease to exist.
    3. They have to come back and try again.

Almost all religious systems teach some form of “good people go to heaven.”  However, the Bible teaches that forgiven people go to heaven.

God desires that people repent of their sins, trust Jesus and enter into a life-long relationship with him.

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