VP of Success

I really don’t like business ideas that are “cute” and trendy. Do you remember when anybody that was cool believed in change? If you asked from what are you changing or to what are you changing, the answer wasn’t always clear. That’s why I like the commercials by IBM where the employees pass the time of cute speeches by playing buzz-word bingo.

Today I received an e-mail from a company announcing a new person and a new position. To protect the company, I will not name them. However, the big headline announcement was that they had named a “Vice President of Success.”

So what does that make the other VP’s? Does the organizational chart have a VP of Failure or a VP of Mediocrity?

I read the responsibilities of this new VP of Success. It seemed pretty similar to a VP of Personnel or a VP of Human Resources. It could even have been a VP of Training. However, those don’t have the same pizazz on a business card.