We Are On the Move…Again!

Suzie and I are moving again.  We met 7 years ago in Louisville, KY.  After a couple of years, we moved to Florida to run a couple of hotels.  We were in Daytona Beach for a short time before spending several years in West Palm Beach.  West Palm Beach is Suzie’s hometown.  This past May we returned to Louisville as I transitioned jobs.

In June I went to work for Furniture Row, aka Oak Express selling furniture.  The company is promoting me to an assistant manager position in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  2 weeks ago, Suzie and I travelled to Chattanooga to find a place and for me to work in the new store.  Last week I returned to work another week while Suzie began packing.

This week I will be in Denver for managers school.  When I return, we will load up and move into our new place in Chattanooga.  We will miss the kids and grandkids in Louisville, but we are grateful for a new adventure in Chattanooga.  Keep us in your prayers as we transition during this winter freeze.


1.  Louisville, Kentucky

2.  Daytona Beach, Florida

3.  West Palm Beach, Florida

4.  Louisville, Kentucky

5.  Chattanooga, Tennessee