When Did God Say That?


Hearing what God says is a vital part of living the Christian life. We cherish the Word of God. The New Testament teaches us that hearing the word is what produces faith within us (Romans 10:17). It is so important that theologians have long taught that hearing God’s word is one of two means of grace.

That being said, some who hold to the importance of hearing God’s word confuse┬ánice, pithy statements of men as being the word of God. These folks would never dream of taking away from God’s word, but by practice are adding to his word. Whether we take away or we add to, we are minimizing what God has said.

Here is an example of one way of adding to God’s word. This is a screenshot from Facebook. I have observed this type of thing on more than one occasion.


Notice that the quote begins with “God says” followed by a statement included inside quotation marks. It ends with “Says the Lord.”

My first question is to ask when did God say this. Can you provide a biblical reference for me to read it in my Bible? If not, I am left to assume that you speak with the same weight of authority as did the prophets and apostles. I cannot do as the Bereans did by confirming the teaching in Scripture.

I also have a response to the preface statement, “If this doesn’t help reassure you, I don’t know what will.” I suppose the actual word of God can reassure me. Why do I need your Dear Abby type of advice for assurance? In fact, I am less inclined to be assured by this when you attribute a quote to God that he has not spoken.

A student in school would receive a failing grade for falsely attributing a quote to somebody. Christians should not apply a lower standard to the word of God.

Dig into your Bible. God has provided you with more food there than you will be able to digest in this lifetime.