Whitney Bozarth – Anchor for My Soul

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A major flaw in much of what passes today for Christian art is the telling of an incomplete story. This happens when the artistic medium communicates a message devoid of the pain and suffering that is so very real to those who seek to follow the Lord.

Yes, the Christian message is one of victory. It is a message that culminates in eternal joy in heaven. But along the way we will find that pain and sorrow are our frequent, if not constant, companions. The Christian message is not that we will have no pain and sorrow – at least in this life. The message is that God is greater than our pain and sorrow.

God continually strips away the idols to self we erect. He is shaping and molding us into the image of Jesus. This can be extremely trying and painful.

In this CD from Whitney Bozarth, no such pie in the sky theology exists. The ten songs strongly declare that God is above all and through all. But they acknowledge the suffering through which God takes us. The lyrics and the style of music both communicate this powerful message.

Bozarth follows Christ with a story that includes sexual abuse. Her stated purpose is that the CD would be,

A testament of God’s faithfulness in times of adversity and to his love and care for the brokenhearted and the oppressed.

She succeeds in pulling of this stated purpose. She is soulful with a voice that is strong and sweet. The title track Anchor for the Soul pulls the other songs together. What is that anchor? In the midst of a fellowship of believers she found her anchor in God as he reveals himself in the pages of the Scriptures.

His word provided an anchor of hope and encouragement and refuge like no other.

The music is dedicated to those who have a path to journey like she has had.

To others walking under this same thick cloud of darkness and shame from their past abuse.

Don’t think it is only for those who have suffered from sexual abuse. It is for all believers who at times experience that thick cloud hanging over them. Listen and learn that there is an anchor of hope which will still you in the midst of ugly storms.

On a personal note, this CD is the first produced by Jonatan Barahona. The two of us met recently over some Starbucks to discuss the Lord’s workings in our lives. When I first moved to Boynton Beach and became a member of First Baptist Boynton, Jonatan was the keyboard and piano player for our worship team. He then moved to Louisville and became part of the music ministry at Sojourn Community Church. That happens to be the church that I had been a part of in Louisville. So we just traded places. Sojourn really came out ahead on that trade.

Barahona has recently been named the worship director at Sojourn Church Midtown in the place of Mike Cosper. Cosper held that position since the church first formed.

You can purchase this music by using the link in the sample above. The whole thing is but $10. That is a dollar for every star out of ten that I rate this CD.