Whoopi Needs a Civics Lesson

This week the sleazy governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich was impeached from the governor’s mansion. Prior to the impeachment, he hit the media circuit (circus) on a failed PR stunt. One of his stops was to ABC’s The View. On the show he complained about not being able to call witnesses before the Illinois legislature. This was a futile attempt to drag the new presidential team into his circus. This kind of ploy was not surprising.

What did surprise me was Whoopi Goldberg’s own interview after the show. She totally confused the issue of calling witnesses with a tenet of the American judicial process. Her comment (paraphrased) was that she always thought the accused was entitled to face his accusers. Blagojevich had the right to face his accusers. He declined it until he made a last minute appearance before the legislature. He could have shown up earlier and under oath answered his accusers’ questions. This he would not do.

So how does an entertainer playing the role of a political journalist not understand what a high school civics class would teach?