Why is This Friday Good?

Last night I was asked why we call this day Good Friday since it is a day of remembering something so horrific?  Indeed from first appearances, this day would not seem to be good.

This Friday commemorates a day in which the enemies of God seemed to be victorious.

This Friday celebrates a day in which the followers of Jesus felt abandoned and were filled with dispair.

This Friday honors a day in which the perfect Son of God was brutally murdered.

This Friday reminds us of the day in which Jesus cried out in agony, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

This Friday marks a day in which God poured out his full cup of wrath against the sins of man.

This does not sound good.  But it is very good.  Why?

Because 3 days after that Friday, we join in the chorus of those early followers in Jesus in declaring, “He is Risen!”

The enemies of God were soundly defeated.  Death and the grave were overcome.

The followers of Jesus came to understand that their Lord had given his life for theirs.

The murder of Jesus was actually Jesus laying down his own life.

The forsaken Jesus was obedient even unto death.

God’s wrath was spilled upon Jesus so that those of us who were deserving of wrath might now received grace and mercy.

And that is very, very good.

When you reflect upon the brutal death of Jesus upon the cross on that first Good Friday, remember that Jesus was a substitute for you.  We should receive God’s wrath.  Abandon your sinful ways and follow after the crucified but resurrected Lord.  Be filled with gratitude that you are so loved by God that he would spare you your just punishment and instead give you genuine life which is eternal.  Then we will join with many who can say this day is good.

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