The Wise Journey to Worship the Christ at Advent

A Holiday Devotional

image for wise journey

This holiday season do you find yourself on a wise journey or a foolish journey? The foolish journey only takes you by all of the trappings of the season. You see the lights, hear the music, decorate the tree, and wrap the gifts. But you miss out on what the Magi experienced that first Advent as recorded by the gospel writer Matthew.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and fell down and worshiped him.
–Matthew 2:10-11

By looking at the fuller account in Matthew, we discover ways in which we may ensure that we are on

1. The Wise Journey follows what God has revealed.

The Magi followed the sign of the star from the East to Jerusalem. Later the star rose again and led them to Bethlehem. Matthew seems to indicate that the star was unavailable to the Magi for a portion of the journey.

The portion of the journey in which the star was shrouded, was directed by the Scriptures. The men had arrived in Jerusalem in search of the Christ. After the chief priests and scribes were consulted, the Magi were sent on their way according to the Scriptures. Micah had long ago prophesied that Jesus’ birthplace would be Bethlehem.

Whatever God uses to get your attention, you will eventually find your direction in the pages of your Bible. Your wise journey will take you to the Book. Wisdom is gained by camping awhile in the Scriptures. This is preferable to listening to the clamor of our world as it tries to figure out this holy season.

2. The Wise Journey detours from those opposed to Christ.

When the culture adopts and adapts that which is intended to be holy, enemies of Christ will attempt to impose their opposition even on wise sojourners. The Magi were warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod. Herod had interjected himself into their journey. He was troubled by the talk of one being the King of the Jews.

Perhaps we would be best served by not engaging every critic of Christ this season. Focus on the one born as the King and the Christ.

3. The Wise Journey packs bags with gifts for Christ.

When you go on a trip, are you the person who packs for whatever circumstance could possible occur? Or are you the person who arrives at your destination to discover that you failed to bring along that one item that you cannot do without?

Those on this wise journey will make sure that they have the appropriate gift for the birth of Christ. The Magi did not bedazzle the babe with trinkets. They gave that which was both costly to them and valuable to the recipient.

In response to the amazing love of Christ, Isaac Watts penned these words that define an appropriate gift for the Christ – Demands my soul, my life, my all. Is that what is packed in your bags, or are you tossing to Jesus less than that.

Don’t settle for making it through Christmas like a fool. Instead follow the example of the Magi and make it a Wise Journey that culminates in the worship of Jesus.